Boston Dynamics again abused the Robot; This time it is Spotmini

Poor guy Spotmini Bullied by Humans

In their latest video Boston Dynamics again pushed, pulled, humiliated a Robot; this time it is a Dog Robot called Spotmini. Video Titled “Testing Robustness” on YouTube shows that Spotmini trying to open a door but a man with an ice hockey stick is trying to stop it. In the description of the act, they said it was a test of Spotmini’s ability to adjust to disturbances, and “This testing does not irritate or harm the robot”, however, a back part of the robot fell off to ground when a human pulled hardly the dog from behind! (so what uh? it can be fixed!)

1-300x200 Boston Dynamics again abused the Robot; This time it is Spotmini
Spotmini the Dog Robot of Boston Dynamics

The Video of Spotmini The Dog Robot

This video is quite creepy.. a silent room..Giant blue iron door..Spotmini comes to the door and sees the door knob, it has a fifth arm on top of his body…or you can say it is a very long neck…, and it has a python like jaw which looks pretty scary…when Spotmini tries to grab the knob of the door ,with it’s python like jaw, a man with long ice hockey stick is trying to stop it. Man pushes the door to close it, but Spotmini continues to try to open it somehow. When Spotmini was about to pass the door in his final bullying act man grabs a string attached to back side of the dog robot and drags him backwards….Spotmini tries hard to reach to the door and finally reattempts to open the door and pass through.

Earlier Humanoid Robot Atals was bullied

in 2016, Boston Dynamics posted a video showing a Man pushing hard a humanoid robot ‘Atlas’, poor Atlas fell off to the ground but rose again after a while. This provoked strong sympathy in favor of Robot in general public and people called the attacking man a “jerk” (probably an engineer he was!).

Emotional Public reaction and sympathies

This time also people are reacting with emotions in favor of the metal; feeling bad about the cute dog robot and showing sympathy in their comments.

Broadly, there are three type of reactions this video is provoking in peoples mind

Feeling bad about the Robot

People are feeling very sad about it, Robots should not be misbehaved, pushed, pulled or tugged. Have a look at sympathies for Spotmini

“What a bully ! That’s rude man! Grow up I felt offended after watching this. leave him alone man!”

“I’m calling it. Robot Rights is coming in the very future.”

“I actually feel bad for the robot. What is wrong with me?”

Training Terminator – Rise of the Machines

1-300x200 Boston Dynamics again abused the Robot; This time it is Spotmini
Terminator Rise of The Machines

Many people are expressing fear that this will finally lead to making of Terminators…The future A.I. Robots will see this type of act and take revenge from humans.

They will capture human and abuse them. Some are saying that they are training the robot to confront and fight with humans. Have a look at ‘Terminators taking over’ predictions

Fool. They’re remembering all of this.

 In just a few years, that will be the other way around. Robots will run experiments on humans and abuse them. and this is why the robots are coming to get us, what will the other robots think when they see this torture?

 Hockey stick man will be the first to die when Skynet takes over! He’s gonna get us all killed, Soon they will figure out the only way to get through the door is to kill the human race.

Emotions for the Robots?

Few are thinking rationally and asking themselves that is it right to have sympathy for wires and metal? What if someone step-over or kick a screwdriver? Will you feel any sympathy for screwdriver?

“But Teaching robots to fight back against humans may might end up harming us” Newspaper Guardian advised.

Imagine what havoc would have happened if the robot has grabbed the hockey stick man with its python like jaw?

Source – Boston Dynamics

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