Documentaries on Ocean Worlds , Water planets & Water Moons

Documentaries on Ocean Worlds

Here you can watch three most comprehensive documentaries based on exploration of Ocean Worlds in our solar system and beyond. These documentaries will give you enormous understating of these water planets. see our Ocean world page and Titan page. 

Solar System is full of Ocean Wolds

See this short introductory Documentary of Ocean Worlds from NASA ScienceCasts

We once thought oceans made our planet unique, but we’re now coming to realize that ‘ocean worlds’ are all around us.

Exploring Europa – Ocean Worlds of the Outer Solar System

Where is the best place to find living life beyond Earth? It may be a small, ice-covered moon of Jupiter or Saturn that harbors some of the most habitable real estate in our Solar System. Life loves liquid water and these moons have lots of it! Dr.Kevin Hand, Deputy Chief Scientist for Solar System Exploration at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory explains the science behind how these oceans exist and what we know about the conditions on these worlds. Dr. Hand focuses on Jupiter’s moon Europa, which is a top priority for future NASA missions and shows how the exploration of Earth’s ocean is helping our understanding of the potential habitability of worlds

NASA Reveals New Discoveries on Oceans Beyond Earth During Science Briefing

During a NASA science briefing on April 13, representatives from the agency discussed new results about ocean worlds in our solar system based on data gathered by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft and the Hubble Space Telescope.


Europa: Exploring a potentially habitable ocean world

Planetary scientist Dr. Robert Pappalardo of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory discusses the exploration of Europa and what that moon has taught us about ocean worlds in the outer solar system. As the project scientist for NASA’s Europa Clipper mission, Pappalardo also discussed the future mission to Europa. This was the second presentation in the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s 2017–2018 Cosmic Exploration Speaker Series, “Diving into Ocean Worlds.”