Doomsday Earth’s Magnetic Poles Shift is Imminent and we are not ready

Earth’s Magnetic Poles Shift

If you are not scared enough by the news that an asteroid may hit earth next month, here is one more bad news for mankind…and is imminent in near future. The magnetic poles of earth are all set to flip in near future. This is a natural phenomena in our planets you switch your sides while sleeping, our planet also switches it’s magnetic field. This will cause serious problems for a civilization that is built upon and fully depends on Electricity and Electronics.


Filliping Business of Magnetic Poles

Just as magnet, our Planet also has a Magnetic field with North and South Poles. These magnetic poles change their place and flip 180 degree from time to time, North becomes South and South becomes North, scientists says Magnetic pole shifting is a regular process and in every 200000 to 300000 Years, it happens. Sometime Earth’s magnetic poles try to flip but return back to their normal condition. This unsuccessful attempt took place around 40000 years back, when North and South pole tried to flip 180 degree, but settled back in their current positing.

Around 780000 years ago this flipping process successfully completed, how we know that? suddenly cooling lava records the earth’s magnetic orientation just as traditional tape recorder does, by studding layers of these lava scientist can know about earth’s past magnetic orientation, so as per the frequency of this natural phenomena it is imminent in near future, may be in our lifetime we can see the beginning of this process. As a proof for this our north pole shifted 1100 km since early 19th century.

North-Pole-Magnetic-Poles-Shift- Doomsday Earth’s Magnetic Poles Shift is Imminent and we are not ready
Magnetic Poles Shift Norht Pole

Why Magnetic Poles Shift happens at all?

Earth’s polarity is not a constant thing unlike bar magnet, which has a fixed north and south pole at opposite ends. Geophysicists tell us that, earth has a solid iron core surrounded by Liquid Ocean of hot metals. The flow of liquid iron in earth’s core creates electric currents, which then creates the earth’s strong magnetic field. Scientist call this process geodynamo -This geodynamo creates new magnetic field, the new fields usually line up in the direction of the existing magnetic field but sometime, disturbance in iron flow creates magnetic filed in different direction. Typically these small instabilities are temporary, but on rare occasions this bubble of reversed polarity gets bigger and bigger and this new polarity takes over the entire core then it causes the complete Magnetic pole shift


Scientists have begun research using satellite images and complex calculations regarding shifting of magnetic field. The Magnetic North Pole has been shifting towards north by approximately 1100km since early 19th century. Now it’s shifting speed has increased and it is moving faster at the rate of 40 miles per year.

North-Pole-Magnetic-Poles-Shift- Doomsday Earth’s Magnetic Poles Shift is Imminent and we are not ready
South pole Magnetic Poles Shift

What effects this pole dance will cast upon us

Solar flares and Cosmic Rays radiation

As you know earth’s magnetic field protects us from solar flares and cosmic rays, during the magnetic pole shift, this shield would be 90% weaker than it is now. The pole shifting process will not be completed in days, but it will take centuries. During this period, Humans and all other life forms will face the hazard of radiation. Many areas of earth will become desert and uninhabitable.

 Satellites will lost their memories

Radiation and ionized particles would impact satellites, many discrepancy like memory failure, timing system etc would occurred in our satellites, some are used in controlling power grids, which also be severely affected. Some expert says there would be complete power blackout for decades.

It is imaginable that without electricity all works, industries, Cell communication, GPS Service all will be shut down. No electricity would mean back to Stone Age.

Saving the world

North-Pole-Magnetic-Poles-Shift- Doomsday Earth’s Magnetic Poles Shift is Imminent and we are not ready
Black out

As we have become aware of this natural phenomena and we are sure this is going to happen, we could start preparation for that. This is the only thing in our side. We can make satellites that have an inbuilt radiation shield of their own just as we started making buildings which can face earthquake with less damage.  Scientist, Governments and private companies can come together to make a safety plan in advance to face magnetic pole shift event.

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