Fake Meteor Shower : Now See Shooting star on demand!

Fake Meteor Shower: That magical streak of light in night-sky that thrilled you and filled your heart with amusement and happiness is all set to come back in an artificial form. A Japanese firm is desperately working to make a fake Meteor Shower in the night sky. Soon you would be able to see a spectacular artificial Meteor Shower in summer 2019 if all goes well. This artificial Meteor Shower will be more luminous and colorful than the natural one.

Fake-Meteor-Shower-300x225 Fake Meteor Shower : Now See Shooting star on demand!
Fake Meteor Shower

What is Meteor Showers and shooting star? (astro buffs please skip )

Well if you are not an Astro buff, let me explain you, Meteor Shower or shooting star are very tiny sand sized particle falling from outer space, when these tiny particles enters the earth’s atmosphere with a high velocity, due to friction they glow, burn up in the sky and leaves magnificent magical streak of light in night sky.

Meteor particles enters the earth’s atmosphere with a high velocity ranges between 11 Km/ Sec to 72 Km/Sec. They collide with air molecules and ionize them; this makes a long tail of light behind them, visible just for a moment. The length of this shooting star tail might be up to 10 to 20 Kilometer.

Fake-Meteor-Shower-300x225 Fake Meteor Shower : Now See Shooting star on demand!
perseids meteor shower

Major Meteor Showers

The two major Meteor Shower are the perseids and Leonids. Perseids peaks on 12 august each year. The Leonids Meteor Shower peaks on 17 November each year. Perseids is more active Meteor Shower than Leonids.

What is fake Meteor Shower?

They are calling this “shooting star on demand” thing the “Sky Canvas” Project. This project is brain child of Lena Okajima, she is an astronomer from university of Tokyo,founder and chief executive officer of ALE Co., Ltd.

When Lena Okajima was a little girl living in Tittori a small city in Japan, she could see the Meteor Shower in night sky, she was fascinated by those shooting starts, but when she moved in Tokyo she was unable to view Meteor Shower due to light pollution. This played a part in her inspiration. Although many people before proposed the idea of artificial Meteor Shower but Lena Okajima took it very seriously, she invested 19 years in researching how she could make one.

In 2001, when she was an undergraduate student, after watching Leonid Meteor Shower is got the idea to create artificial shooting star. She started working on this weird idea in 2009. Later in 2011 she founded Astro live experiences (ALE)

Fake-Meteor-Shower-300x225 Fake Meteor Shower : Now See Shooting star on demand!
Lena Okajima creator fake meteor shower

ALE ltd. The company is scheduled to launch its first satellite in 2018 and in summer 2019 the first artificial meteor shower might become a reality.

Fake-Meteor-Shower-300x225 Fake Meteor Shower : Now See Shooting star on demand!
Shooting stars on demand Fake meteor shower

The Cost of Artificial Meteor Shower.

The price tag of ordering an artificial Meteor Shower on demand would be in million dollars; only super Rich Millionaires would be able to afford it, but company is hoping that Big Brands, Cities and Big Event organizers are our prospective clients; Tokyo city spends 40 Thousands dollar on fireworks on new year’s eve. Washington spends 6 Million dollars on fireworks during 4th July Celebrations.  

How they are doing it?

The company is all set to launch its first satellite in 2018, This satellite has around 200 to 400 small metallic pellets made of special material that glows orange, blue or Green. These meteor balls will be approximately 2 cm in diameter. The ALE’s setelite will fire  these tiny balls from an altitude of 220 miles, these balls would completely vaporized about 37 miles above ground.

The problem With Sky Canvas Meteor Shower Project

Many experts and section of press are raising concerns about this project; they fearing a possible collision with low earth orbit satellites & space shuttles and also an unwanted increase in space junk. In their opinion this “cheap imitation of Nature” would not produce such pure and thrilling experience as the natural meter shower produces in our heart.

“I salute them for cleverness and for their technical expertise, but from an orbital debris standpoint, it’s not and great idea” University of Michigan astronomer Patrick Seitzer told Buzzfeed.

Last year we have seen a Fake star “Humanity Star” was placed in orbit, who knows what else in the pipeline in this new entrepreneurial era in space; Fake Moon, Fake Sun, Artificial Rain and Thunder are great ideas to start working with.

Source : http://star-ale.com

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