Google Quantum Computer 72 Qubit Processor Bristlecone is almost ready

Google Quantum Computer

You may find yourself using Google Quantum Computer in near future as Google has achieved another milestone towards it’s epic journey of making Quantum computer a Reality. Search Giant is “Cautiously Optimistic” in achieving Quantum Supremacy with the help of its Bristlecone 72 Qubit Quantum Processor, Google announced at Annual American Physical Society meeting in los angels and on its official Blog.

quantum-computer-300x161 Google Quantum Computer 72 Qubit Processor Bristlecone is almost ready
Quantum Computer Processor

Bits, Qubits and Quantum Supremacy

As you know that the basic language of computer is Binary…there are only two alphabets in this language 0 and 1; Computer talks in language of 0 and 1, the state of a digital bit can be either 1 or a state of a switch can either be on or off ….but on the other hand a Quantum Bit called Qubit can be surprisingly 0, 1 & Superposition of both the states!, this can be achieved with the help of Quantum Mechanics. (although you can also hold an electric switch in middle by pressing it carefully)

Traditional computers are made of Silicon Chips and Processors…these silicon processors has micro-circuits designed in them and electrons runs through these circuits, as blood flows in our veins.  Now as the ever-increasing need of processing power in every sector; we need more and more fast and efficient computers; but it seems that physical limit of development of these silicon circuits design is reached, and we cannot make more fast and efficient computers with these silicon processors…

In this scenario, the Quantum Computer can fulfill the need and soon will be ready to take baton of this race, as they will be ultra-fast by using Quantum Mechanics.

Traditional computer’s 8 bit can store single combinations of 0 and 1, but 8 Qubits can store all 256 combination of 0 and 1; this will be revolutionary in increasing processing power of a Computer.

Quantum Supremacy simply means beating a traditional silicon processor based computer in processing a given task.. faster and accurate.

Error percentage is a problem.

All the companies Microsoft, IBM, Intel, are also in the race of “Quantum Supremacy” and trying their best to make quantum computer a reality. Earlier IBM shown it’s 50 Qubit processor for making a Business Class Quantum Computer.

But the problem is Quantum processors are quite delicate..they can be disturbed by the environment noise and generates error. Engineers trying hard to low these error rates by shielding and super cooling these processors.

“The purpose of this gate-based superconducting system is to provide a testbed for research into system error rates and scalability of our qubit technology, as well as applications in quantum simulation, optimization, and machine learning” Google writes on it’s blog.

Earlier Google shown us a  9 qubit processor which delivered low error rate readout 1%, single qubit gates 0.1% and two qubits gates 0.6%.  Now this new 72 Qubit Processor Bristlecone is made on the same architecture.

 “We are cautiously optimistic that quantum supremacy can be achieved with Bristlecone” Google is quite hopeful in winning this race of quantum supremacy as Julian Kelly, Microsoft’s Executive concludes in Google’s blog post.

When a Google Quantum Computer will be available for public?

Well, although research and development is on war mode, but manufacturing a fully functional Google Quantum Computer or IBM Quantum PC looks very far from now. Quantum PC  may take a full decade to come out from Google’s lab to your Desktop.

The Super Processing power of Quantum computer is going to change and revolutionize almost every field of humanity. Several fascinating possibilities would emerge by the use of this super machine. it would be possible to make new drugs, very complex simulations with the quantum computers, More powerful and efficient A.I systems, self driving cars and many other fascinating things would appear for us.

quantum-computer-300x161 Google Quantum Computer 72 Qubit Processor Bristlecone is almost ready
Google Quantum Compute

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