Mutant’s blood saved 2.4 Million babies in Australia

Mutant’s blood saved 2.4 Million babies

Mutant’s blood  : When we think about mutants, The Images of X-Men Heroes appears in our mind, these men and women are different from common people; they are born with special powers and very different body features. They can fly, shoot lasers with their eyes, some can become invisible, some can change forms and some can read minds…

Thanks to comic books and movies for this false images of mutants in our mind. In nature, in real world, mutants does exists in every species; they are not so dramatic as fiction but they do posses some kind of distinct quality.

Today, we are talking about a man; a mutant, but he does not have Marvel Heroes type super power,  instead his blood produces a special antibody, this unique antibody saved nearly 2.4 million babies since 1960s.

 An Australian Mr. James Harrison – People call him “man with the golden arm” has accidentally developed this special power of producing antibody in his blood.

James-Harrison-Blood-donor.jpg2_-300x168 Mutant’s blood saved 2.4 Million babies in Australia

His story is very interesting and educating for future researchers in the field of medical science. When he was 14 he went under a medical emergency; a lung surgery he required blood badly, 13 liter of blood donated to him by many people to save him. This incident inspired him, to become a devoted blood donor when he turned 18.

Later doctor discovered that his blood contains a very rare antibody that can help in making Anti D medication. 17% of Australian pregnant women need Anti D medication during pregnancy.

What is Rh Incompatibility during pregnancy?

When a woman with Rh-negative blood type conceives an Rh-positive baby, a fatal situation emerges called Rh incompatibility. The mother’s body starts developing an immune attack on her baby’s blood cells.

To prevent this fatal condition such mothers must be treated with Anti D Antibody.    

James-Harrison-Blood-donor.jpg2_-300x168 Mutant’s blood saved 2.4 Million babies in Australia


Only few people produces this antibody; approximately 160 left in Australia.

But why only few people’s blood produces this antibody, Some people accidentally received wrong kind of blood and their body reacted by making this antibody.

When Mr. Harison was a teen he also administered with different blood type than his own type, to adjust with this new blood cells, his immune system started making this unique antibody and kept producing more and more after that incident. That’s what probably happened to Him.

Now researchers are trying to synthetically creating antibodies, but results are not so promising, new flu type conditions are seen in Donors.

What if …

Consider this, what if Mr. Harrison  did not have felt the need to pay the moral debt of receiving donation of blood from others? No one had known that his blood produces such rare useful antibody.  

You may also get checked;  if there is something special in your blood.

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