Naked Mole Rat stays Young and never gets aged New study shows

Stay Young until the End

Humm…, is it possible to stay young your entire life?….not getting old …not getting aged…No wrinkles..No cancer or diabetes or heart failure…well it seems one species of mammals has not only found, but using the “The Fountain of Youth” presenting the most ugly looking mammal on earth ..The Naked Mole Rat  Despite their unattractive looks, hairless body, and two chopsticks like front teeth, naked mole rat (Heterocephalus glaber) posses many superpowers.

Put them in your list of people you envy! Why?  Just look these facts about Naked Mole Rats; they do not feel pain, they did not get cancer, they remains reproductive until their last day and now a new study suggest that they stays young forever, plus in a low oxygen scenario they can switch to fructose molecules like plants and keep going.  

The study on naked mole rat agelessness

Researcher & Biologist Rochelle Buffenstein who works in a Google owned subsidiary company “Calico” in San Francisco California, presented a research based on her lifetime data collection; the study published recently in .  Calico works in Aging and Longevity research field. “We’re tackling aging, one of life’s greatest mysteries” the motto of the Calico.

Buffenstein has studied 30 years these animals, She has a colony of these rats in her lab, She studied and kept record of Birth date and Death event of each mole..…….(although some of them are killed for experiments, and some sold to other labs and then killed there!)

Biologist-Rochelle-Buffenstein--300x190 Naked Mole Rat stays Young and never gets aged New study shows
Biologist Rochelle Buffenstein

The Gompertz-Makeham Law of mortality says that “after reaching adulthood your mortality rate increases exponentially as you age”, in other words risk of dying or chance of dying rises exponentially with age; for Humans the chance of dying approximately after 8 Years after the age of 30.

This is true for every mammal, except naked mole rats; it seems they defy this law by using some kind of anti aging mechanism in their body. Buffenstein did not observed this law in her lab animals, after they reached adulthood at 6 months of age, the daily chance of dying was more than one in 10000, and it remained the same throughout their life. Buffernstein stated “To me this is the most exciting data I have ever gotten, it goes against everything we know in terms of mammalian biology”

Cause of Naked mole rat longevity

Various studies have shown that naked mole rats have very active DNA repair system and has high levels of Chaperones, a special protein molecule that helps other protein molecules fold correctly. “ I Think the animals keep their house really neat and clean, rather than accumulate damage” Buffenstein says.

So how Naked mole rat dies?

So, here is a Vulcan logical question; “Why there is no 1000 year old naked mole rat lurking around us?” if they don’t get aged? Well scientists says they don’t have the Data!!! Some are saying that after a certain age they get aged suddenly and die eventually (lived long and prospered).

How we can get such superpower of agelessness

This is the Holy Grail question! If our scientists could synthesize DNA Repairing molecule; we humans could also defy age and avoid many deadly diseases.

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