Scientist Designs Perfect Hangover pill That Delivers the Enzymes Directly in Liver

Hangover pill that can lower alcohol levels 45% and prevents headache and vomiting.

A professor of chemical and bio-molecular engineering in the Los Angeles University and wine enthusiast Mr. Yunfeng Lu felt the need of a perfect Hangover pill,

Why we need a Hangover pill?

He noticed these facts

  1. Up to 10 percent cases of emergency in America are due to alcohol poisoning.
  2. Alcohol is one of the main risk factor for premature deaths and disability among people aged 15-49.
  3. Excess use of Alcohol leads to cardiovascular and liver cancer.
  4. There is no perfect pill for hangover to help people overcome.

Presently, if you consumes too much alcohol and suffers from hangover, doctor prescribes you drugs which relies on your body’s own enzymes to break down the alcohol. This process is very slow and not so much effective. So, he decided to design Hangover pill for the alcohol using natural enzymes.

Hangover-pill-Enzymes-1-300x164 Scientist Designs Perfect Hangover pill That Delivers the Enzymes Directly in Liver
Hangover pill Enzymes

Along with fellow professor Cheng Ji, an expert in liver diseases from Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, and graduate student Duo Xu, together they developed an antidote and tested it on mice; results are very promising!

Natural Enzymes converts alcohol into harmless molecules but the key part is to deliver these enzymes directly in to the liver.

To protect enzymes molecules they placed them in a shell made of material approved for pills by U.S. food and drug administration. Then they injected these Nano-capsules into the veins of drunk mice, when these capsules reached inside the liver they released the enzymes, which then acted as mini reactors for digesting alcohol.

The results on mice were very promising, the new pill decreased the blood alcohol level by 45 percent in just four hours and it is found that a bad toxic compound called Acetaldehyde which causes headaches and vomiting, also remained extremely low.

Presently more tests would be conducted on mice for any possible side effects, if found none it will be tested on people and soon a Perfect hangover pill will be available in market.

This Nano-capsule technology is very useful; it can be used in delivering a drug to a specific organ for curing other diseases.


Source : Yunfeng lu, professor chemical and biomolecular engineering, university of California los Angeles. Article appeared in The Conversation.  

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