Star Trek Tractor Beam Invented, But it is Sonic not Laser!

Grab stuff with your Tractor Beam Gadget !

No need to move or stand up from your chair, in near future you can pull objects around you with a Star Trek Tractor Beam using a hair dryer sized gadget if all goes well.

The newly developed Tractor Beam is Acoustic- Sonic rather than LASER as we are accustomed to see in Science Fiction shows and movies.

The Tractor Beam term was coined by E. E. Smith in his novel Spacehounds of  IPC (1931). Scientist and Engineers are putting effort in making it real since 1990s, earlier they achieved some success in moving objects at microscopic levels, but with large objects; stability was the grave issue.

University of Bristol Engineers has developed a method to use power of sound waves to hold the objects in mid air, unlike magnetic waves, they can grab and levitate most type of solid or liquids with sound.

Earlier attempt to make Tractor Beam possible using sound waves were failed on larger objects, they were capable of moving only sound wave sized particles only.

The New acoustic method invented by Bristol Engineers uses rapidly fluctuating acoustic vortices to levitate large objects with stability.

Tractor-Beam-300x300 Star Trek Tractor Beam Invented, But it is Sonic not Laser!
Tractor Beam Diagram

The Bristol Researchers found that rate of rotation can be finely controlled by rapidly changing the twisting direction of the vortices to stabilize the Tractor Beam.

And don’t worry about the disturbing noise Tractor beam would possible make…If you are not a Bat, You will not hear anything, because they are working with 40 Khz sound wave pitch.

Dr. Asier Marzo, lead author on the paper from Bristol’s Department of Mechanical Engineering said “Acoustic researchers had been frustrated by the size limit for years, so its satisfying to find a way to overcome it.  I think it opens the door to many new applications”.

Dr. Mihai Caleap, Senior Research Associate, who developed the simulations, explained: “in the future, with more acoustic power it will be possible to hold even larger objects. This was only thought to be possible using lower pitches making the experiment audible and dangerous for humans”

Pull your cat with Tractor Beam!

I wonder when such type of Tractor Beam Gadget would be available on Amazon, and imagine what people with do with it? Pull their pet cat from tree branches! And what if someone snatches your wallet using a tractor beam….

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